As one might imagine, the cowardly and ethics-free publisher of the Ellenville Press failed to post my detailed response to his scurrilous editorial of last week. Yet he went on to attack me FURTHER this week, with more baseless and bogus charges, and STILL won't let me defend myself in my own words. I sent off this following reply:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: No Reply?
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 22:17:52 -0400
From: Steve Krulick
Organization: 2001 Kryolux, Inc.
To: Ellenville Press


I notice you did not print, in this week's issue of The Press, my detailed reply to your erroneous editorial in last week's issue (it IS available, in full, at my campaign website at

I think it is because you lack the courage and the sense of fairness to offer an opportunity for someone you personally attacked (out of sheer ignorance and failure to check the facts first) to respond to your errors, and to clear the record in a way that reveals just how embarrassingly and deeply your foot was put in your mouth. Is that the reason? Or would you care to make some other excuse? And why have you not responded back to ME regarding any of my direct emails to you? Do you lack the sense or courtesy and integrity, or merely lack the intellect to respond?

In the first issue, you merely acted out of ignorance. Now, having been shown the truth in detail, you CHOOSE to ignore all that, hide it from your readers, and, in this week's issue, you continue to attack me personally, claiming I said or did things I didn't, and misrepresent my positions with more strawman arguments (your comments on the Green Party and its positions -- about which you obviously know nothing -- are as absurd and ignorant as those about ME were!). Again, you cite me out of context and do not give me a chance to reply in my own words.

Of course, you still haven't refuted any of my arguments; you've merely side-stepped the issues by personally attacking me. Why can't you just admit you erred... big-time? I think it is because it would show you up as a rank amateur journalist, and as a craven, ethics-free publisher.

And, since when is it MY responsibility to contact YOU first; YOU are the so-called journalist, so it is YOUR job to contact ME as the candidate and ask ME questions and quote MY words in context, not just make things up in your own slanted words. Rich Parete told me you told him you were going to contact US about interviewing US for an article, so I awaited your call; it never came. You claim I didn't present a "vision" for what I'd do if elected, but when did you ever present a list of questions asking just that, as all the other papers and potential endorsers did? When were these arbitrary "rules" of yours -- that WE were supposed to seek YOU out -- made clear?


So, are you going to run my original reply before the election (I may have to update it to include a response to THIS week's scurrilous screed), or not? If not, why not? I think it is because you lack the guts.

If you won't... suppose I wish to run my full reply as a printed, paid insert. What would you charge to have an 8.5 x 11 or 14" two-sided flyer included in EVERY issue sold or mailed? (Would you "charge" me the same you charged the Republican candidates for THEIR insert!!! Ha!) When must I have how many copies in your hands? Will you guarantee that they'll be in the Nov. 2 issue? (Hey, think of all the extra papers you'll sell by generating this controversy!)

Or do you even lack the guts to let me respond by PAYING YOU to let ALL my words be seen?

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