In case you didn't see the recent Ellenville Press editorial, or wanted an online copy, I scanned it and I post it here. Also, here is my reply sent to the Press.

The Press, Editorial, Friday, Oct.19, 2001

Not the way I have seen it.

Sometimes I just cannot keep my mouth shut when I see something wrong or hear something said that is not so. That is what I am here to tell you about, and you just make up your mind after that.
Election season is rolling around again as many of you know. We will be electing, or having a choice, in only two local offices in town, but the entire District One legislature is up for election. I have been watching this with some particular interest and see two things that are way out so far.
Well, one is not way out, but it sure deserves mentioning. Candidate John Burns of Ellenville, on the ticket, on every election sign out there, but by golly, not at one public function that I have seen or heard about. I would hope that no one, including Mrs. Burns, would vote for someone who does not even campaign with his own team.
The other item has me a little hotter under the collar. I heard this myself at the Napanoch Public Interest Group's meeting of a week or so ago. At the table sat a fellow whom I had never seen before. But after introducing ourselves, I now know him as Steve Krulick, another local Ellenville man.
Mr. Krulick made a statement that I hear he repeats everyplace he attends to campaign. He called the Republican team "The Invisible Republicans." That stuck in my craw, because that just isn't so.
First, I'll start with Mr. Krulick. As I said, I never saw the man before, never knew he lived here. Yet there are town board meetings here, village board meetings, school board meetings, and at least John Burns served as a board member. I have never seen Mr. Krulick at one of these, so how would he know what we need here in this town and village?
On the other hand, I have known Vinnie Dunn, Ed Jennings and Jerry Depew since I was very young and can tell you these men are and continue to be very active in this community -- very active. I could go on for pages and not have room. I will tell you simply this -- that Mr. Krulick could not hold a candle to these three men in all they have done here for their community.
I also know there are many committees and many organizations here in this community: the Independence Day Committee, Run Like the Wind, our Chamber of Commerce, the newly formed Ellenville Merchants / Taxpayers Association, Noonday, and I can go on and on. And yet I have never seen Mr. Krulick at one of these.
I can tell you, Mrs. Cummings serves on and works with many of these. I can tell you she is at functions representing both the legislature and Senator John Bonacic for this community. Need I say more, since they have helped in saving the hospital. Where were you, Mr. Krulick, when the hospital needed help?
At the NRA Banquet, all of these fine people, including Mr.Scott Moone, were there and showed us that they supported your second amendment right to bear arms. I did not see you there, Mr. Krulick.
I do know that you did volunteer recently to raise money for the WTC relief fund, which was an honorable gesture, but that is all I can say for you.
I would have kept my mouth shut had you not stated these people were "The Invisible Republicans." that was wrong. I think you need to check your facts before you shoot from the hip on matters like this.
I will also share with you one last item. These people would never had said a word; oh, they are talking about your team and actually they had praised Mr. Parete, saying he is a nice guy, and really that is about all. They do not use cutting torches to build and I would suggest you don't either.
The "Invisible Republicans" have done more by accident than many others have here with intent, and by God they are a hard working group. The re-districting took away Mr. Wilkins and gave us Scott Moone. The re-districting is not something that was done unfairly -- it is mandated by law to keep the election process fair, and that is what this group stands for. We will miss Mr. Wilkins but we also know Mr. Moone will do the job and not forget whom he represents.
Mr. Krulick, you have a lot to learn about District One and the people serving the district now; and if that is all you have, it does not come close to what we need here in this community. But don't give up, just maybe aim at first working in the village or town; and you might want to consider working on one or more of these committees that is mentioned here.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Reply to so-called editorial
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 19:16:27 -0400
From: Steve Krulick
Organization: 2001 Kryolux, Inc.
To: Ellenville Press

To the so-called Editor:

I just read your so-called editorial, Mike; it's the best laugh I've had all week! You may want to consider a future in stand-up comedy, because you surely don't have one in journalism!

My, my, Mike but YOU have, to use your own words, clearly failed: "to check the facts before you shoot from the hip on matters like this." Any cub reporter on a high school paper would have done one or more of the following FIRST: a) contacted the person in question before making absurd and borderline-libelous statements about him; b) checked the available campaign literature or website ( before spouting-off foolishly; c) talked to a variety of credible people in the community before putting one's foot in one's mouth.

It seems some people are content to merely parade their ignorance; others, such as you, Mike, have to trumpet it.

As for someone you had "never seen before," either you are blind, strangely uncurious, or Mr. Short-term Memory. *I* have seen you at a variety of meetings, for example, at the last village meet-the-candidates forum at the school, where there were fewer than a dozen people in the audience. Or at one of the first Noonday meetings you attended, soon after you bought the Press; as I had already been a member for quite some years before you ever showed up, a woman asked me "Who is that, Steve?" I said it was the new owner of the Press, and all she could muster was "Oh." I guess my mistake at these gatherings was that I didn't come up to kiss your ring or your big publisher patoot. As a former newspaper publisher myself, I am not in any particular awe of them.

Or didn't you know that? YEARS before you ever showed up in Ellenville, I published The Ellenville News. Talk to any residents who lived here back in the early 80s about The Ellenville News. Of course, many of the paper's big fans are no longer around: Ed Jacobs, Albert Lonstein, Joe Friedman, Sen. Charles Cook, Irwin Stern, Nat Raskin, Katherine Terwilliger, Gene Glusker (who wanted me to help him write and edit his memoirs as former mayor), Hy Ruchlis (who wanted me to republish his series of educational science pamphlets), and most recently, Howie Weiss. I doubt you knew any of these persons then, or even of them; I'm sure none of them knew of YOU. But that was WAY before YOU ever showed up in Ellenville.

The Ellenville News was born after the old Ellenville Journal moved out of the county, firing their local staff at Christmas 1982. I rehired many of them and began publishing in March 1983 in the heart of Liberty Square. Within weeks we were already the #1-selling weekly in Ellenville; eventually our circulation was about ten times that of the Press or Journal. You may want to check the archives in the Ellenville Museum and see what a REAL respected and respectable local newspaper looked like, or just ask around which paper people fondly remember and miss. Mr. Walkerwicz, I'm sure they'll tell you that YOUR rag "could not hold a candle" to the old News. (Be thankful I don't start it up again!) But, that was WAY before YOU ever showed up in Ellenville.

Before that, I was co-founder and Executive VP of Bio-Energy Systems. In 1981, when we went public as Besicorp, we had three buildings up and running in Ellenville, and over 100 employees; at our 1981 seminar at the Nevele we had dozens of dealers and distributors from around the country and world, and press coverage in hundreds of periodicals worldwide. Alas, soon after I split with my former partner and left the company on a matter of principle, the bulk of the business and people moved to Kingston. But, again, that was WAY before YOU ever showed up in Ellenville.

After that, I tried to get the SunRay Spring back in business, and indeed got $2 million in tax-free development bonds OK'd in Kingston to help do so. Do you know about the SunRay Spring and Tunnel, and the history of the old SunRay/Pure Rock bottling plant, Mike? I'm considered to be THE local authority on the subject, and have given numerous slide presentations and lectures over the years. But, again, that was WAY before YOU ever showed up in Ellenville.

I also applied for and was interviewed to be Village Manager when that position was created; the job went to one of my former employees. Perhaps I was considered too independent-minded and overqualified. However, that didn't stop me, during the 80s, from being appointed to: the Ulster County Environmental Management Council as Ellenville rep; the Ellenville Historic Preservation & Restoration Committee; and the Ellenville Economic Advisory Committee. But, again, that was WAY before YOU ever showed up in Ellenville.

You mention Run Like the Wind; The Ellenville News covered the first race, and my wife and I have, in a drawer, each of the shirts and hats that went to staff volunteers for the first decade or more we were involved (ask Robert Berger or one of the other founders). But, again, that was WAY before YOU ever showed up in Ellenville.

You mention the Independence Day Cmte.; The Ellenville News covered the first parade, and I made the official videotape of it, along with other historical records of events of the 80s, which tapes are probably still in the library's collection, along with the VCR I donated to them. Oh, I was also Public Relations Director of the Friends of the Ellenville Public Library when that group was actively fundraising. The picture of the Terwilliger House used in the Library's newsletter is from one of my program covers. But, again, that was WAY before YOU ever showed up in Ellenville.

Noonday? My wife and I have been to the vast majority of the monthly dinners since we joined, something I can't say about YOU or the people you mentioned. We've often sat with the Wainers, Lonsteins, Crafts, Thorntons, Wolfes and other regular members over the years; funny, I don't recall YOU at the table. But, again, that was WAY before YOU ever showed up in Ellenville. I don't recall seeing YOU at the Citizen of the Year Award Dinner this year? Does that mean YOU weren't there, or don't even exist?

We've been active with EVERY Noonday Mardi Gras and Devil's Night event going way back (ask Jane Eck, for whom we've filled goody bags), when most of the listed people never show up (I don't recall YOU or the people you mentioned showing up to help) and regularly set up tables for the Senior dinner (the day before all the publicity shots are taken) as Jim Barry or Dick Peters can confirm. Oh, and I made the official video of their first golf fundraiser, as your predecessor Bernie Wainer can attest to.

Chamber of Commerce? I was a member WAY before YOU ever showed up in Ellenville. However, most of my business is done with non-local clients now, so I have let it slide. However, the Chamber has repeatedly asked me to be THE moderator of their meet-the-candidates forums, as I had been for several of the past town elections, and might have done so THIS year, IF I hadn't been running. Oh, and I have also been THE moderator for several of the PTO's forums for school board candidates over the years. But, again, that was WAY before YOU ever showed up in Ellenville.

Ever hear of Art in the Square? I was Publicity Director of that annual event for many years, and was one of a handful of local people who kept it going when even the local artists failed to do the grunt work to keep it alive. We STILL give an annual scholarship to a graduating EHS art student, by keeping the endowment up. The AITS was rolled over into the Ellenville Visual Arts Circle, and I served as Chairman, but, again, local artists failed to take the baton, so the group and its assets stay in limbo. But, again, that was WAY before YOU ever showed up in Ellenville.

As you said: "and I can go on and on." I used to attend village and school board meetings quite regularly, but business and other obligations have made that less frequent than during the 80s and early 90s. I was involved, then, in the campaign to bring windpower to the community, to make Ellenville a municipal power entity, and to create an Economic Development Corporation (I was lead candidate to head it up, but the town and village failed to get together on the project). But, again, that was WAY before YOU ever showed up in Ellenville.

I have done all this as an unpaid volunteer and concerned citizen. Mrs. Cummings gets PAID to represent District 1, and PAID to represent Sen. Bonacic. She was getting PAID while attending the RSVP lunch at the Nevele. By the way, I don't recall seeing YOU there (or any of the other incumbent candidates or challengers you touted!), OR seeing YOU at the Hospital Auxiliary Luncheon either.

And, since YOU brought it up, what about the fact that NONE of the Republican legislature candidates WERE at the Napanoch forum; here was a meeting SET UP to allow people to hear from the candidates and ask questions, but they ducked it, as did the two town council candidates duck the NAACP forum. And as I explained then, THAT wasn't why I was calling them invisible, although they sure were hard to see those nights! The reason, as I said in Napanoch, was in their not being seen BY the constituents as coming to the communities AS accountable representatives on a regular basis, but merely to show up for occasional private meeting photo-ops and plaque exchanges and waving in the 4th of July parade. YOU were probably too busy talking yourself to hear me, as you probably spoke more total minutes than anyone else in the room, not to mention boorishly interrupting and speaking whenever YOU felt like it, without seeking recognition, as we did, from the head table you kept your back to.

As for the NRA Banquet: a) I'm not a member; b) I wasn't invited; c )I didn't know about it, and it is hardly a local-community-benefit organization of the kind I have supported regularly. (By the way, if you have several hours to invest in gaining knowledge, I'll be happy to explain to you just what James Madison and the first Congress MEANT by the words they used in the second amendment, and what their purpose was.)

Do you want to give Sue and John THE credit in "saving the hospital"? I don't know all the facts, but I think the Resnicks, and Stoeckelers, and some others were involved, too, to say the least, including DOZENS of people, such as my wife and I, who have donated from payroll deductions. WE had ALREADY pledged to contribute thousands to the Hospital. Have YOU?

But this is a strawman argument; I wasn't personally asked to help, and it is not my field of expertise. I suppose you could ask why I wasn't in any number of places doing any number of things, seeing as how I don't claim omnipresence. Where were YOU, Mike, since you ask? What did YOU do to "save" the hospital?

But I WAS asked to help with the Lakeside School controversy. An unfenced reform school was planning to move from Westchester to an old hotel site in town; some residents there invited me to a meeting and showed me enough evidence to convince me of the problem. A slick PR team was scheduled to appear and tell us all how wonderful their presence would be for us; the first meeting was at the county legislator chamber, ironically. Why don't you ask then-Mayor Pauline Venezia, or David Slutsky, or any of the two dozen or so local community leaders and residents about MY performance as the LEADOFF speaker that left them stunned? Or ask your predecessor Bernie Wainer about the half-page letter/ad I wrote in The Press that resulted in a FULL school auditorium of angry and motivated citizens. Ask the Wagners, or Rabenos, Zirts, or other people who lived on that road if ANYONE was more responsible for getting the Lakeside folks to turn and run! But, again, that was WAY before YOU ever showed up in Ellenville.

(Now for a lesson in logic. Do you know what the fallacy of ignoratio elenchi is? Also known as the fallacy of irrelevant conclusion, it consists of claiming that an argument supports a particular conclusion when it has actually logically nothing to do with that conclusion. You begin with the blatant assertion that my claim about invisible Republicans "just isn't so" [out of context and framed as a strawman argument, another logical fallacy -- the straw man fallacy is when you misrepresent someone else's position so that it can be attacked more easily, knock down that misrepresented position, then conclude that the original position has been demolished. It's a fallacy because it fails to deal with the actual arguments that have been made.] but, instead of EVER actually refuting MY argument, you go on to an ad hominem fallacy approach of attacking ME rather than my message [If you refuse to accept a statement, and justify your refusal by criticizing the person who made the statement, then you are guilty of abusive argumentum ad hominem. This is a fallacy because the truth of an assertion doesn't depend on the virtues of the person asserting it.] and NEVER get around to refuting MY argument as *I* made it. And, as we've seen, your argument about me was one based on ignorance about me and failure to check any facts about me.)

As for refutation: "that just isn't so" is a blatant assertion you never get around to addressing; "I could go on for pages and pages and not have room" but you fail to mention even ONE example of their OFFICIAL activity they can take credit for; "all they have done here for their community" but, again, not ONE example; "need I say more...?" doesn't address any of MY points; "that was wrong" is still a blatant assertion without substantiation; "have done more by accident than many others have here with intent," still not ONE example, besides being a ludicrous construction (who wants people serving us "by accident"?!); "they are a hard-working group" is still just your opinion and not what the people I'VE been visiting tell ME.

Indeed, *I* didn't come up with this term; it was THE VOTERS who told me they NEVER see the legislators locally, or hear from them, nor do they make themselves readily available (as Sen. Cook used to do in his "RV," but, again, that was WAY before YOU ever showed up in Ellenville) but just see grinning photo-ops and waves from a parade. Smiles and innocuous, issue-free glad-handing just before elections don't make up for YEARS of voting AGAINST the interests of voters and workers in the county, and not being accessible or accountable AS public officials on a regular basis!

At least THREE Republican former officials in Ellenville or Wawarsing (who said I have THEIR best wishes/support/vote!) confirmed the failure of these people to present themselves regularly to the constituents for redress and input, or act in OUR interest.

I asked voters at the Ulster County Fair if they could name ALL their District 1 legislators; only ONE in a hundred could name Wilkins, and HE was related to ONE Republican candidate, and neighbor to another! Only ONE in 10 could name all the other three in office! By the way, you are completely WRONG when you say Scott Moone "replaced" Bob Wilkins (who NOBODY in Wawarsing I spoke with knew or EVER remembers seeing anywhere!) in the old District 1! To say the "re-districting took away Mr. Wilkins and gave us Scott Moone" is bogus! WE don't HAVE him, UNLESS he wins election in the NEW District 1!

And as for the "fair" process behind redistricting, it was rapidly railroaded through without public awareness or input, and even the judge reviewing the case has said the whole set-up is "probably unconstitutional"!

I have asked voters to THINK HARD to tell me ONE thing their legislators have done FOR their community... and they can't name ANYTHING good! All they can name is their repeatedly voting FOR a fuel tax, and a permanent "temporary" sales tax, and voting to take away the sheriff substation in Wawarsing (but, again, that was WAY before YOU ever showed up in Ellenville), and voting to keep the towns paying the welfare and medical costs instead of the county as a whole, as EVERY other county in NY State does!

If after 6, or 8, or 16, or 20 years in office NO voter could think of a SINGLE positive thing *I* had done on their behalf, or didn't even know I WAS their legislator, I would be ASHAMED to run again!

The Republican incumbents even wanted to take credit at the NAACP forum for the Farber building we were meeting in; *I* had to remind them that, if it weren't for the Resnicks, it wouldn't be there! They want to take credit for repealing the fuel tax, blaming Kingston Democrats for any failure to take effect, but won't take responsibility for voting it in and keeping it in year after year, or give credit to those like Leonard Distel who made a big issue of it and embarrassed them into covering their political tails just before the election, as if anyone is fooled.

Further, and this sticks in my own craw as a publisher, that you tried to pass off as an objective news article the piece NEXT to the editorial, ostensibly about Frank Sahler, but merely an unvarnished puff-piece about the Republican candidates, is beneath contempt of any pretense to your being a journalist. The first rule I learned in journalism class in high school -- after the one about getting ALL the FACTS, and getting them STRAIGHT -- is that you don't mix opinion into the news, which is what editorials and columns are for.

If you WANT to be a Republican paper, fine. But don't insult the intelligence of the reader by padding a supposed news story with fluff about the "new, bright energetic face of Gerry Depew"!!! Puhleeze!

But where is there anything FACTUAL said by you about the specific legislative accomplishments of these individuals? Even their original campaign handout couldn't mention ONE thing they've done for us, or give a specific reason to vote for them! After YEARS in office! I have challenged them, and challenged the voters to come up with any examples. The candidates haven't told us, the voters can't think of any, and, from YOU, there is ONLY your subjective and unsubstantiated opinion... and irrelevant personal attacks on me.

Oh, and mentioning MRS. Burns at all in your piece is so far below any minimum level of journalistic integrity or decency that an immediate apology to Sue Burns is demanded! Attack the candidate, even if it is bogus (you might have asked John whether any prior and long-scheduled commitments, such as for being Little League president, or his coaching chores, prevented his being at CERTAIN events), but leave the FAMILY out of it! The word "despicable" comes to mind, and I can't think of ANY local publisher here who EVER would have sunk so low!

The next major rule I learned, AS a publisher years later, is that you don't let AD REVENUE dictate editorial policy! Yet here is the email response I got when I submitted a press release for an upcoming luncheon where OUR congressman was to be the featured guest, and YOU refused to run it:

The Press
7 Cape Ave.
Ellenville, NY 12428

At least Rich sent in a paid advertisement and supported local business, and also I might add made sense when he spoke without all the negitivity [sic]. Watch for the editoral [sic] this week Mr. K., that is if you even buy and read the local paper.

Michael J. Walkerwicz

My reply, written before I'd read the so-called editorial, and to which I still haven't heard back concerning, is as follows:

"Michael J. Walkerwicz" wrote:

> The Press
> 7 Cape Ave.
> Ellenville, NY 12428

> At least Rich sent in a paid advertisement

Excuse me...? "At least"? Since when is the placement of NEWS or calendar items in a community newspaper DEPENDENT on the placement of ADS???!!! (The words bribery and extortion come to mind. Having published a popular weekly newspaper in Ellenville myself, I NEVER would have made such a statement, or even implied such a pre-condition. Tsk, tsk.)

This release, and the fundraiser, is to benefit FOUR candidates, and comes from ALL of us, including Rich, and involves the participation of OUR local congressman, which makes it a newsworthy item. WHY are you lashing out at ME, who was merely given the task of writing and sending the PR in? What have I done to YOU to deserve such upbraiding? (Is this some kind of "jack story"? You know, "Flat tire... no jack... POW!!!... ???)

BTW, when did you EVER call me up to ASK me if I was interested in placing, or PLANNING to place, an ad?

I WAS planning to bring in a quarter page ad tomorrow morning; perhaps I should just forget about it?

> and supported local business,

Perhaps you can show me how I've failed to support local businesses, certainly vis-a-vis Rich. Are you equating placing an ad in YOUR paper as the be-all and end-all of supporting local business?

> and also I might add made sense when he spoke without all the negitivity.

Perhaps you can show me how I failed to make sense when I spoke, or elaborate on "all the negitivity [sic, that's negativity]" I supposedly exhibited. To which examples are you pointing? Maybe YOU heard something I never said! (As Tip O'Neill said, "Politics ain't beanbag.")

> Watch for the editoral this week Mr. K., that is if you even buy and read the local paper.

You seem to make an implication here with undertones of nastiness. Why "all the negitivity [sic]"? And why directed at me? Hell, you don't even know me WELL ENOUGH to dislike me yet!

Rich tells me you were planning to do a news article (or maybe it was an editorial, and he misunderstood) on us AFTER interviewing us; how does one write an editorial on the subject, assuming that is your implication, BEFORE asking the questions and getting the facts and positions straight? Sentence first, trial afterwards?

I don't know if you even recall, but, once upon a time, getting an endorsement from Bernie Wainer in The Press was considered "the kiss of death" (most of his picks went on to lose)! Some said he was just a contrarian; others that people used his judgment as a guide as to who NOT to vote for. Perhaps, when you've been around as long as Bernie, people might take YOUR opinions as seriously.

BTW, one might ask whether the prominent featuring of ONE candidate only during an election campaign period (Ed Jennings, who has even had his column moved to the front page, as if it were objective news, to trumpet his belated and disingenuous vote to repeal the heating fuel tax) is cricket. Hell, even Pat Buchanan stepped down from CNN and McLaughlin Group duties while actively running for prez.

So, are you going to run the release, or not? And, if not, will you go on record with the reason?

> Regards,
> Michael J. Walkerwicz
> Publisher

Nice chatting with you,
Steve Krulick

Let's see if you have the courage to print this response in it its entirety, or the ability to avoid numerous typos. Normally, I wouldn't waste my time, particularly during this busy election season (is THAT your strategy, then?) dealing with a pusillanimous, coprophagous weenie such as you, and your laughable excuse for an editorial, in your joke of a newspaper. And though I did waste 50 cents on your rag, it did give me a good laugh.

As Joe Franklin said, "Every knock is a boost!" and this shows I MUST be getting under somebody's skin and making somebody nervous for me to be singled out in this manner. Maybe next time you'll actually attempt to stick to the issues and TRY to refute what I've actually said. Or check the facts before shooting from the hip. Would you like a complete set of The Ellenville News to see how a REAL community paper is written?

Would you like to walk around town and see how many people know who *I* am compared to who recognize YOU? I won't claim to be a "beloved" member of the community, a local "Abe Lincoln," say; but at least I can claim to be "beliked," sort of like a local "Cal Coolidge"! By comparison, in the past week I have had over half-a-dozen different people since Napanoch refer to you, independently, with just one IDENTICAL word... and it rhymes with "casserole"!

Yes, I haven't been as active in the community as I ONCE was, but EVERY time I've been asked to help out, and I wasn't otherwise previously committed, I've said "Sure!" and you only had to ask around town to find that out. Or, say, don't you even read your own paper...? What about the press releases I've given you in just the past few months that told you I was holding regular organizational meetings for the Green Party, or from last year when I worked to benefit the Nader race, which you actually printed?

Or you can go back and read older issues of the Press and Journal -- or News -- and find out who I was and some of what I've done. But, again, that was WAY before YOU ever showed up in Ellenville!

Steve Krulick
Candidate for Ulster County Legislature, District 1

PS: Should you REFUSE to print this reply to your attack, there are other ways to make sure the public gets the truth, and any one of them will make YOUR failure to do so -- to give me the chance to defend myself from your one-sided and bogus screed IN your paper -- seem even more reprehensible than even the original travesty!

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