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- New business start-up, development, and promotion.
- Solar energy, appropriate technology, and sustainable development of resources.
- Computer hardware & software: selection, set-up, use, and troubleshooting.
- Publishing, editing, writing, graphics: newspapers, magazines, brochures, manuals, sales pieces, press releases, business forms, logos, direct mailings, ads, surveys, etc.
- Web presence design, construction, maintenance; web site content management.


1972 - Ultimate Infinite Aggregate: an eastern, urban "response" to the Whole Earth Catalog, UIA was a source journal and catalog of literature, tools, and techniques for increasing personal independence through self-education and development of self-sufficiency, stressing a "most-with-least" approach to avoid over-consumption of resources and energy supplies. I did research, testing, and writing for the publication, which was expanded into a resource and book store, also called the Ultimate Infinite Aggregate (member of the American Booksellers Association); I served as General Manager.

1974-76 - Independent research in the fields of energy & water conservation devices, and the economics of appropriate technologies.

1976-81 - Bio-Energy Systems, Inc. (BESI): a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of solar energy products and systems. I was co-founder, Vice-President and General Manager, instrumental in organizing the company policies and procedures, and developing the product line. I was co-inventor of the SolaRoll® System for solar and radiant heating with US and foreign patents (US # 4,176,654 and #4,270,596). SolaRoll was described by the Chief of the National Bureau of Standards/Office of Energy Related Inventions as "a highly innovative and unique designů a significant advance in the state-of-the-artů a real breakthrough in terms of cost-effectiveness."

I served from 1977 through 1979 as BESI's Director of Advertising & Public Relations. I produced all advertising, sales, and technical literature, manuals, press releases, logos, expo displays, presentation scripts, etc. (Over 100 periodicals printed my releases virtually unchanged, and I had what amounted to final edit on cover stories on SolaRoll® in Popular Science, Family Handyman, Solar Age, and Solar Heating & Cooling magazines.)

I served from 1978 through 1981 as BESI's Marketing Co-Manager, Director of International Marketing, Secretary of the Executive Management Committee, Executive Vice-President, and was a Director on the Board and Corporate Secretary.

By 1981, SolaRoll® was one of the best-known solar products in the world, and a three-man "garage operation" had become a multi-million dollar public corporation. When Bio-Energy Systems Inc. (BESI) public stock rose from $.12 to $5.31 by 1983, I was able to net over $1 million in sales of personally-held shares. Since then I have been able to pursue selected projects and ventures of personal interest.

1981-1983 - Sun-Ray Ventures, Inc.: historic Sun-Ray Spring Water bottling facilities in Ellenville, dormant since WWII. I pursued and supervised all aspects relating to the viability of re-establishing the plant (or finding suitable parties to purchase water in volume and/or establish a joint-venture) including: historical research, market research, publicity, capital procurement, equipment procurement, permit procurement, site development, and development of business plan.

I secured approval of issuance of $2 million dollars in industrial development revenue bonds for capital expenditures by the Ulster County Industrial Development Agency.

1983-1984 - The Ellenville News: a new weekly community newspaper. I was founder, sole investor, publisher, and editor-in-chief. I supervised all aspects of paper's startup and day-to-day operation. Paper became leading, top-selling weekly, over three in region, from first issue.

1983-1984 - TreSource, Inc.: developed totally automated in-the-field production of wood chips with minimal environmental degradation and environmentally-responsible forest management. I was responsible for capital support, venture capital networking, advice, covered cash flow shortfalls, met with potential investors, reviewed and edited business plans and corporate literature. I personally invested over $1/2 million dollars in R & D money.

1984 - Green Light News: a national "good news" newspaper, featuring up-beat articles on "visionary doers" working for personal and planetary healing and transformation. I was sole investor, hired staff and consultants, did final editing, supervised production, negotiated with printers and distributors. GLN was reviewed by a leading media analyst as the "first global community newspaper."

1984-Present - Kryolux, Inc.: a consulting firm in business communications. As founder and president, I've supervised the following services:
- Design and preparation of advertising literature, publicity releases, newsletters, logos;
- Assistance in developing corporate identity and marketing campaigns;
- Product design and development, market research and testing;
- On-line, over-the-phone computerized typesetting capabilities since 1984;
- Proposal writing and fund-raising literature for non-profit organizations;
- Subsidiary offers web site hosting, design, and maintenance.

1985-1986 - YKG International, Inc.: an America-India networking company to provide comprehensive marketing services for Western companies seeking to introduce goods, services, technology, and information into India, and Indian companies seeking Western markets for their products. President, and co-founder with Yogesh K. Gandhi, great-grandnephew of Mahatma Gandhi, who had developed a top-level network of Indian and global business and government contacts. I developed and edited corporate literature, prepared computer technology "hit list."

1986-1987 - Fiber Industries, Inc.: established to sell environmentally-responsible wood products, primarily as material for export to Scandinavian and Japanese paper manufacturers. I served as Vice-President of Communications. Responsible for researching, editing and preparing literature, and general advising.

1988 - Quest Forest Technology: secured over $50 million dollars in signed contracts with Scandinavian paper mills to use Canadian timber to be harvested and milled in Halifax, Nova Scotia using proprietary sustainable methods. As senior advisor, I prepared business plans and other literature.

1991-1992 - TimberSource: an environmentally-responsible wood-products company designed to provide sustainably-harvested timber to major users of wood who wished to avoid wood from clear-cutting, tropical rainforests, old growth timber, etc. I assisted in developing policy and business plans, and preparing and editing strategic documents.

1993-1998 - The Forest Partnership: a not-for-profit spin-off of TimberSource. I reviewed and edited funding proposals and various written material. Helped set-up Washington D.C. symposium in 1993 for promotion of sustainable forestry. I served as Editor-in-Chief of Initiatives, TFP's newsletter.

1995-1997 - Yes Solar Inc.: designers, producers, and distributors of personal solar energy power packs for personal electronic devices. Served as Vice President, responsible for marketing and promotion of the company and its products, including web site design and maintenance, packaging, and literature.

1999-2000 - internet portal for the forest products industry. Vice President, News and Managing Editor of ForestWorld NewsCenter, responsible for sourcing, editing, posting, and maintaining news content on the site.

2000-2002 - US Institute of Information Technology (USIIT): Director and Vice-President for Communications. Franchised, proprietary American-curricula-and-staff-based computer education training in India for students continuing on to US colleges and/or technology employment.

2002-2003 - US Institute of University Education (USIUE): Director and Partner. Franchised, proprietary American-curricula-and-staff-based university-level courses in India.

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